Who and how?

how now is writer and director Phil Bolger and producer supremo Sacha Evans. We've worked along side each other for a number of years and come from the broadcast advertising world.

Phil is a kiwi and has been living in London for 10 years. He started playing with cameras and microphones at the age of 8 and after nagging the boss of his local TV station in Dunedin to give him an after school job, he started to make his way towards a film making career. Phil now relies on over 12 years directing experience. He has won numerous broadcast advertising awards, including a D&AD nomination and last year alone picked up 8 awards for his X Factor work.

Sacha is a Producer with an amazing little black book. She can bring all sorts of teams together to make all sorts of work. Sacha started out making live programming in New Zealand. She moved to London 17 years ago and has been making short form commercials, branded content, broadcast trailers, print ads and everything in between ever since.